What Makes UXC Different

At UXC we have gone a long way towards differentiating ourselves from those in the market with whom we compete.  Standing us apart is the breadth of our world class,  market leading Enterprise Applications capability domain expertise.  We are:

  • A global leader in Microsoft Dynamics
  • An Asia-Pacific leader in Oracle
  • An ANZ leader in SAP
  • An Asia Pacific Leader in ServiceNow; and
  • An Asia Pacific leader in Digital and omni channel

However being different is about more than just technical expertise, local ownership and contribution to the economy.  What really distinguishes UXC from the crowd is the character of our organisation.  This can be summarised by the following attributes:

  • Customer-centricity and being of service to customers is deeply ingrained in ourbelief system
  • We are down to earth and pragmatic in everything we do; we are realists not theorists
  • We are active listeners, and ‘listen for potential’; we  analyse what we’re told to discover untapped opportunities
  • Nimbleness and decisiveness are inherent in the way we work and deal with challenges
  • We go about our work with humility, confidence and caring – for our customers and prospects, investors, business partners, community and each other


About UXC

UXC is an end-to-end IT services company that is especially good at solving problems, simplifying technology and keeping the people real. We deliver solutions through our offerings in Advisory & Consulting, Enterprise Applications, and IT Infrastructure.