Internet Uninterrupted – A New Report From Telsyte

November 30, 2015

internet home

Telsyte, UXC’s wholly owned emerging technology research firm, recently released a new report commissioned by nbn co entitled “Internet Uninterrupted – Australian Households of the Connected Future.”

The report offers a fascinating insight to the enduring and profound affects of the internet on everyday households in our country.  Back in 1996, only thirty one per cent of Australian households regularly used a computer at home according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), and only 26 per cent of these had a modem capable of networking beyond the home.

Fast forward to now, 2015 and a dramatically different picture emerges.  Telsyte calculates that the average Australian household has more than nine internet connected devices….

Click here to read more and to download a copy of the report


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