Our Culture

At UXC we are focused on helping our customers change and transform their businesses.  Our company culture is directed toward  this.  However, the creation of an organisational culture does not occur by magic.  At UXC we have worked hard to foster a belief system (culture) that recognises the link between our customers’ success and our success.

Numerous factors sustain the culture at UXC.  Key among these is the like-mindedness of our leaders.  Every one of our senior leaders understands the importance of delivering on customer promises.  This commitment is passed through the ranks to every UXC employee so that in all of our customer deliveries the need to meet or better our promises is never forgotten.

Underpinning this focus are our core values .  Respect, humility and compassion form the foundation of these.  A set of aligned behaviours flow including listening with intent, being open and inquiring, not jumping to conclusions, seeking to understand, conducting ourselves in a considered, professional manner, being confident in our abilities yet humble in our approach, and always being of service to others – thus putting the customer is at the centre of everything we do.

Cultural fit is always high our selection criteria when we recruit people or look at the potential acquisition of a company.  This ensures the perpetuation of UXC’s culture.


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About UXC

UXC is an end-to-end IT services company that is especially good at solving problems, simplifying technology and keeping the people real. We deliver solutions through our offerings in Advisory & Consulting, Enterprise Applications, and IT Infrastructure.